This past Sunday I competed in the Cold Hands race in San Pedro.  It’s a fun free race around 3.5 miles.  The wind really picked up throughout the race and the entire 2nd half of the race was straight into the wind.  I felt like i was going backwards.  It wasn’t very much fun.  After the race i hoped back on my board and paddled from San Pedro to Surfside.  It was actually a really fun downwind paddle and i went a lot quicker than i had thought.   I made it in under 3 hours.  My friends photographer Michael Lallande & Cinematographer Chris Steblay met me on my way and snapped some really cool photos, i hope you enjoy.  We are also putting together some video clips for you all to enjoy.  I had gotten some fun photos with my Go Pro but unfortunately lost it to the sea that day.   The boys went on their way as i was just passing downtown Long Beach and the rest of the journey i was on my own.  It was a little lonely but it was actually really fun.  I had never paddled in such crazy winds.  It was good training, but i’m needing to really ramp it up!  Next Paddle, Torrence to San Pedro!  Should be fun!  Or Not!  🙂