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Thank You ABC for Helping me raise more money to fight Breast Cancer!!!

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They pretty much saved the day! The boat that i had lined up fell through on Tuesday. I was in a bad spot. All this work, training, prep, and all of the sudden no boat!

After some major scrambling around and brainstorming yesterday and thanks to some great suggestions by my friend Robert Gerard i reached out to Crows Nest Yachts in Newport Beach! The Owners brother Ray Hsieh called me yesterday and is hooking me up with a 33 foot Pursuit (i know nothing about boats). Ray is going to personally drive the boat and they won’t even let us pay for gas!! WOW! There still are really nice people out there! If you’re ever in the market for a boat Crows Nest Yachts Newport Beach they are super duper nice!

Thank You to the folks at Emergen-C Pink who have made all of this possible.  Thanks to them we are able to make these short episodes in hopes that our story can get out there and more people will donate to the cause Emergen-C  has donated over $300,000 to the Keep A Breast Foundation to date.  Also 20 cents per box of Emergen-C Pink is donated for the cause, as well, so the more we sell, the more we support the cause.

Enjoy Video #1 there will be more coming soon!

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This past Sunday I competed in the Cold Hands race in San Pedro.  It’s a fun free race around 3.5 miles.  The wind really picked up throughout the race and the entire 2nd half of the race was straight into the wind.  I felt like i was going backwards.  It wasn’t very much fun.  After the race i hoped back on my board and paddled from San Pedro to Surfside.  It was actually a really fun downwind paddle and i went a lot quicker than i had thought.   I made it in under 3 hours.  My friends photographer Michael Lallande & Cinematographer Chris Steblay met me on my way and snapped some really cool photos, i hope you enjoy.  We are also putting together some video clips for you all to enjoy.  I had gotten some fun photos with my Go Pro but unfortunately lost it to the sea that day.   The boys went on their way as i was just passing downtown Long Beach and the rest of the journey i was on my own.  It was a little lonely but it was actually really fun.  I had never paddled in such crazy winds.  It was good training, but i’m needing to really ramp it up!  Next Paddle, Torrence to San Pedro!  Should be fun!  Or Not!  🙂

So i’ve never heard of giant squid hanging around off the southern California coast, But about a month ago or so that’s all I was hearing.  I think because of el nino or something they had kinda invaded our waters.  Hopefully they, being the ones that like to dine on the giant squid have all followed the squid off somewhere really really far away.  I don’t need to see any giant squid or big grey and white things with sharp teeth on my paddle.

New studies suggest that great white sharks may migrate so they can dine on giant squids,0,5015116.

Today, I went down to Dana Point to watch some of my friends compete in a 6 mile Stand Up Paddle race.  The conditions didn’t look fun at all and I was happy to be on the beach and not in the water.

The Start Of the Race

After the race finished up I had an interview for the webisodes we are putting together and we are also putting together a Breast Cancer PSA.  A couple of big boats passed by behind us and the engine noise was just loud enough that we had to pause and wait for them to pass by.  Two boats went by and they were full of people.  Chris, my Filmer, and I didn’t think anything of it and so as the boats rounded the corner we continued doing our filming.  A gentleman was standing off to the side and it was evident he was listening to what I was saying.  The next moment we paused he edged his way over and said, ” I couldn’t help but listen, so if I’m hearing you correctly you are getting ready to stand up paddle from Catalina to Dana Point for Breast Cancer?”  I answered, “yep, you are correct”.  He continued, ” did you see those boats full of people just go by?  Well they are carrying the ashes of my good friend Robin Kastner, whom just lost her battle with breast cancer. They are going out to spread her ashes in the ocean.”  There was a moment of silence, millions of thoughts started racing through my head about other people I know that have lost their battle with cancer, my friends that are currently battling, my college roommate whom passed from cancer, my neighbor whom just lost both his Mom and Dad within 6 months to cancer.  I started to get really fired up, I took a deep breath and said to him, “I’m really sorry for your loss, I am going to put Robin’s name on my board for my paddle March 28th, and when I get weary I will look at Robin’s name for motivation.”  I started to get a little emotional, he gave me a nod, and i could tell he was getting a little emotional.  He murmured a thank you and went on his way gazing off at the boats heading out to sea.

Catalina In the Distance RIP Robin Kastner

As I continue on in this journey, it seems that just about every person I come in contact with is affected by this disease in one way or another.  My journey is opening people up to share their stories with me.  Their losses, their triumphs, and their current battles.    I wish that there was no such thing as cancer, someday some of us will be in a place where there is no disease, death, or pain.  But so long as we live in this place called earth, cancer is a reality.  I’m glad that what I’m doing is an inspiration to survivors, people currently battling, and those of you who have lost loved ones to cancer.  The reality is, it’s the survivors, the people battling, and those of you whom have lost your loved ones to this disease that ARE MY INSPIRATION!

Thank you for your continued support.  This paddle is not about me, it’s about humans having faith and digging deep to overcome something that is big, unknown, and scary!  Just like those of you that have beat cancer, (MOM), and those of you battling right now!  In the end, if I can raise some money to help support foundations that contribute to research, educate the youth about prevention, early detection,  active lifestyles, and motivate a few people a long the way.  Then it’s totally worth it!

Photo Courtesy of: Go Pro

So yesterday Brandi Baksic, Steve Adler, and myself did about a 17 mile paddle.  We started at the Corona Del Mar Jetty and finished at baby beach in Dana Point Harbor.  The wind was on it big time.  The wind and swell direction was perfect if we were coming from Catalina.  It was a bit side wind for us heading south.  The conditions were really tough, but perfect for training.   I paddled my left side pretty much the entire paddle.  It really sucks when it’s like that, but last year we had south wind for the Catalina to Dana Point relay, and yesterdays conditions were equivalent. We were able to get a few runners, that’s where you can actually ride the swells for a little ways. However after each runner then you had to redirect and paddle back out away from land.  So there was a lot of zig zagging.  On paper the paddle was about 17 mile, but i’d be very curious to see what it was if i had a GPS on me.

As i got towards south Laguna I was pretty much on my own, Brandi and Steve had blazed ahead and our escort boat was off chasing seals.  That’s when i had one of the most amazing moments I’ve ever had in the ocean my entire life!  A grey whale popped up about 50 yards away from me.  My heart was pounding and i felt like i was dreaming!  I have never been that close to a whale other than being in a boat.  On a Stand Up Paddle board i felt so insignificant and so small near that massive beast!  He came up three times, the first time he came up the sound of his blow hole just about gave me a heart attack as i was totally caught off guard.  My waterproof iPod case broke yesterday so i had to do that entire paddle with no music!  It was torture!  However, if i had my music on i don’t think i would have has such a pure experience with these whales.  After surfacing three times the first whale brought his tail up out of the water for a deep dive and that was the last of him.  I stood there in awe.  Then i gathered myself and kept paddling with my eyes on the horizon anticipating if I’d see another one.  I was anxious for the boat to get back so i could tell them about the whale and it just gets a bit lonely out there on my own.  Then far in the distance i saw a spout of water shooting into the air!  It was another whale!  The boat was heading back to me so i started waving my paddle so that they would hurry up.  The whale was pretty far from me but headed right towards me.  Then i saw his tail go up which pretty much meant he was going down.  The boys got back to me just after i saw the whale dive deep but i was still hoping we’d see him again.  That was it for the whales though.  I guess God just wanted me to have that experience on my own!  Funny thing is neither Brandi or Steve saw any whales yesterday.  I was the only one.  It was such an amazing experience!  It made the hard paddle all worth it!

It’s not 39.8 miles but it’s a good warm-up paddle.  Then on Sunday March 7th i’ll be doing a 3.5 mile fun race in San Pedro followed by a San Pedro to Belmont Shores Paddle.  I’m getting in some little 5-7 mile paddles every other day as well as getting my butt kicked by the boys at Sports Performance Institute in Laguna Beach.  They do some paddle specific training, they are insane!

Founded in 2010 by professional surfer Jodie Nelson, Paddle With Purpose, as of 2013, is officially a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization created to serve as a philanthropic extension of the sport of Stand Up Paddling. Grounded on the premise that empowerment motivates and inspires, PWP exists to raise awareness and funds for a variety of causes and movements. With over $150K raised through organized races, community events and an integral presence the action sports industry, PWP has been proven a successful and credible agent for action and change.

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