So as you may or may not know i’m in NYC to participate in a Stand Up Paddle event that i have wanted to partake in for the past 4 years!, but haven’t been able to as it has always fallen on my son’s birthday.  The Paddle is  called the New York SEA Paddle.  It’s a 28 mile paddle around the island of Manhattan, New York.  The purpose is to raise funds and awareness for 8 different Austim organisations and the Surfers Enviormental Alliance.

After I did the Catalina Paddle, i knew i wanted to do more with the sport of stand up paddling in the non- profit space.  So i filed to have Paddle With Purpose become it’s own Non Profit.  I explain it in my previous blog post.  It recently got approved!   Long story short, this is the third Paddle With Purpose misson.  The Second one i did with the boys from below the surface. (i just didn’t do a good job blogging about it).  I did however just go on FUEL TV to talk about the Below the Surface California coast paddle and this New York paddle!

Ok I’m making this a long blog post.  But here the point of this story.  Some people ask me, “don’t you get tired of all this do-good stuff?”  my answer is NO, I don’t.  I work hard and i do it to inspire people to keep fighting, i do it to inspire others to get off their butts and make a difference, I do it because it’s not about me.   Today, i was tempted to do the elite race because i am competitive, it’s in my blood.  As I could feel the competitor in me boil up I started thinking about switching to the elite race.  As I was standing  waiting for my board to get delivered on the side of the road in downtown New York City, a young mom with a stroller came walking by with a LARRY THE WHALE shirt on!!!  IN NEW YORK!!  What are the chances of that???  I’d say about the same chance of the real Larry showing up tomorrow in the Hudson river = SLIM TO NONE!

So I’m taking that as a message from God, confirming that this is not about me, this is so much bigger, it was like He wanted to show me that the nudge he gave me back in January to do the Catalina Paddle all the way to where I am now is not a coincidence or mistake.  I just really have no words!

I have never ran into anyone wearing my Larry shirt, this was a first.  And to have it happen in one of the biggest cities….  I’m blown away!

See for yourself!


Sea Paddle NYC: