Trestles 2 TJ Group Day 1 San Clemente to Oceanside 20 miles

Day one was the longest leg.   It ended up being just a little over 20 miles.    It was a beautiful day. We could not have asked for better conditions. The wind picked up just as we were getting into camp Pendleton and  it was almost the perfect direction.  We were catching little runners that were taking us towards Oceanside.   There were a ton of Jellyfish, algae blooms, but thankfully we didn’t see “fluffy” the resident Great White San O shark.   It was a very diverse group of paddlers and it was great getting to know everyone.  It was especially a pleasure getting to know Dave Cornthwaite   if you don’t know who he is please click the link.  You will not be disappointed.   He truly is an inspiration.  Dave is getting ready to swim 1000 miles down the lower Missouri river to raise money for his close friends Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation CoppaFeel!  Dave has been kind enough to commit to getting PWP some exposure during his Swim down the Missouri and It looks like Jodie Nelson will join Dave on his swim towards the end of his 1000mile journey.

Making sure the boards are looking good!

The Shark Zone