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Without the help of volunteers, it’s virtually impossible to pull off our beloved ADLER PADDLER.   Some of our tried and true relentless volunteers from the past two years have had schedule conflicts this year which is great for YOU!!!  Now you get a chance to help make this event possible!  Below is a list of specific jobs, please e-mail us back at INFO@PADDLEWITHPURPOSE.ORG and let us know which job you think you would be fantastic at!!!!


-Set-up 6:30 – 7:30am

-Registration of participants (at least 3 people needed by 7:45am), waiver & numbers (we need just ONE more person here)

-Raffle ticket sales (at least 1 person needed by 7:45am – continue until Raffle time)

-T-shirt sales (at least 2 people needed by 7:45am, will need 2 more to help out from 8:30 on)

-Board Rental (at least 2 people needed by 7:45am), collect info, license, and link them to a board and paddle

-Teardown (whomever can stay until approx. 12pm)

– Board Handlers 3-4 (to grab racers’ boards and move them to the side at the finish line – willing to get wet/ This is a great job for high school boys/girls)

-Raffle assistants (anyone available from 10am-11am)

-Assistants to the Race Officials (anyone available from 9am-10am)


Founded in 2010 by professional surfer Jodie Nelson, Paddle With Purpose, as of 2013, is officially a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization created to serve as a philanthropic extension of the sport of Stand Up Paddling. Grounded on the premise that empowerment motivates and inspires, PWP exists to raise awareness and funds for a variety of causes and movements. With over $150K raised through organized races, community events and an integral presence the action sports industry, PWP has been proven a successful and credible agent for action and change.

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