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Trestles to TJ: Standing-Up for Clean Water Along San Diego’s Coast

Who: Surfers, Scientists, Paddlers, and Adventurers who care about the health of our watersheds, beaches, and ocean users. Here is the team as it stands: Kristian Gustavson  and Jared Criscuolo, co-founders from Below the Surface; Shannon Switzer, photo-journalist and National Geographic Young Explorer; Dave Corntthwaite, British Adventurer and founder of Expedition 1000,  James Pribram, pro-surfer/Eco-Warrior, Jodie Nelson former Pro Surfer/ Broadcast Media Producer/ founder, Paddle With Purpose.

What: A 70+ mile paddle from the San Mateo Creek at Trestles to the Tijuana River at the US/Mexico Border. Several programs to enhance the online information about beach health and ways to explore America’s waterways will be announced to the public during this campaign.

Where: The team will stop at major river mouths and other places of interest to have press conferences and meet with local community groups.

When:  LAUNCH on Saturday July 21st and ARRIVE on SATURDAY July 28th 2012

Why: San Diego County is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and best-known stretch of beaches. Unfortunately, issues such as urban run-off, marine debris, and beach erosion persist. There are many things we as a community within our watershed can do to improve the health of our beaches and the purpose of this paddle is to highlight the importance of individual responsibility and collective action upstream and down!

How: Stand-Up Paddling is a great way to explore and catch-waves! WIth support from Paddle WIth Purpose The team will use stand-up paddle (SUP) boards to travel the coastline and will be supported by a chase boat and land crew.

Kristian Gustavson, Founder & Explorer           



Jodie Nelson, Founder Paddle With Purpose



Founded in 2010 by professional surfer Jodie Nelson, Paddle With Purpose, as of 2013, is officially a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization created to serve as a philanthropic extension of the sport of Stand Up Paddling. Grounded on the premise that empowerment motivates and inspires, PWP exists to raise awareness and funds for a variety of causes and movements. With over $150K raised through organized races, community events and an integral presence the action sports industry, PWP has been proven a successful and credible agent for action and change.

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