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Make sure you pick up the Saturday March 23rd OC REGISTER so that you can check out the 3rd Annual Adler Paddler Recap in the local section or you can click here   Thank You to Laylan Connelly from the OC Register  for helping us get the message out! Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 9.58.15 PM

What an amazing turn out for the 3rd Annual Adler Paddler!  We were overwhelmed by how many people showed up and how generous everyone was!  Together we raised nearly TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!  This is the most we have raised in the 3 years of the event!  We will be able to make a great contribution to the John Ritter Foundation. The Adler Paddler is a free event and it wouldn’t be possible without our amazing Volunteers & Sponsors.

Big thanks to Scott Durzo for capturing photos from the day.  If you ever have any photography needs feel free to reach out to him.  He has been so generous with his time for the past 3 years of the Adler Paddler, as well as Steve’s memorial paddle out in 2010.  Scott also brought out first year college student volunteer videographer Chris Macias who filmed and is editing a short piece from the day as well as his friend/photographer John Arenas.  Instagramer Justin @justinslens also gave up his Sunday to capture the Adler Paddler through his lens, (photos to come).

Thanks to the “main Adler Paddler team”: Jodie (who won’t thank herself, so Jenny snuck in here to do it) who puts her heart and soul into this event to honor and remember her friend Steve.  She works tirelessly to carry on Steve’s legacy and encourage everyone to get out on the water and live life!!  Jenny & Mike Penjoyan from Penjoyan Produce & Growers Ranch for all their volunteer time, the fruit donations, and the use of the truck.  Robert Howson from Harbour Surfboards for his time, sweat, and stress as Race Director – without you we’d really be lost! Billy Kho for being our all-around superman!  And to Farris Hamid who helped by hookins us up with his pal Simone who donated his time and boat for the safety of all the paddleboarders! Of course Actress, Amy Yasbeck founder of the John Ritter Foundation for coming out and supporting the event,  as well as the entire ADLER family!

To all of the companies that contributed:  Hurley H20 for the Adler Paddler T-shirt printing donation, the Poster & Flyer printing donation,  as well as the many raffle donations.  Riviera Paddlesurf for the SUP board donation.  Quickblade Paddles for donating 3 killer SUP paddles.  Nike for donating 6 Nike Fuel bands.  Globe and Dwindle for the skateboard donations. Ripcurl & O’Neill for the 2 wetsuit donations.  Nixon for the watches, Sabre for the sunglass donations, Futures for the fin donations, On A Mission for donating leashes, paddle bags, and T-Shirts.  Hinano for the shirts, hats, and paddle bag donations, SeaLegs Wine bar for the Gift certificate donation.  Bark Paddleboards for coming out to support the event since year one!  Westwinds Sailing for the gift certificate donation.  Roark Clothing, Supra Footwear, and RVCA for your donations! Land Shark Lager for your support and donations. Thomas Gallagher Chiropractor for bringing some extra boards for donation rentals. Cirivellos Sport Stop for Donating sandwiches for the bake sale. Wahoo’s for the free taco coupons.   Matty Mitchell for lending us the sound equipment, the NAC for lending us race tools, The City of Long Beach, US Sailing Center, and of course a huge shout out to JoAnn Adams at Bogarts Coffee House in Seal Beach for donating coffee for the past 3 years of the Adler Paddler!   Thank You!!!  Last but not least a huge thank you to ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS!!!  We could not do this with out you all – you know who you are – and we’ll be calling you next year!!  And if you’d like to get involved next year, please reach out to us!

Together we all made a huge difference and not only did we have fun and get some really cool t-shirts and raffle prizes…….  We collectively raised nearly TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS all in the memory of our sweet friend Steve Adler!!!!!  That is a huge accomplishment! To find out more about the John Ritter Foundation please visit their website, they are saving lives and doing amazing things for prevention and treatment of Thoracic Aortic Disease.  If you didn’t get a copy of the RITTERS RULES at the ADLER PADDLER please click the link and read up!

If you didn’t have a chance to Donate and still would like to do so please send checks payable to PADDLE WITH PURPOSE, memo: Adler Paddler, to PO BOX 233 SURFSIDE, CA 90743



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**Please excuse Typos – due to the event being a “FREE” race…you get what you pay for…a lot of free FUN, not a lot of accuracy ** something we hope to improve on next year!

SHORT COURSE  – 2.8 miles   (62 racers)


28:30                        Justin Wiles                        SUP stock

29:01                        Peter Lakos                        SUP 14’

29:30                        John Kostich                      SUP 14’

29:42                        Trevor Lakos                       SUP 14’ – YOUTH

29:50                        Shawn Tierney                    SUP 14’

29:54                        Ian Light                              SUP stock

30:00                        David Aguon                       SUP 14’

30:15                        Steve Kostich                     SUP 14’ – MASTERS

30:40                        Danai Phongdara                SUP stock – MASTERS

30:48                        Dirk Bougaard                     SUP 14’

30:53                        Kristin Thomas                    SUP stock – MASTERS

30:59                        J.M. LeCaignec                   SUP stock

31:46                        Shelby Schweitzer              SUP stock

31:50                        Archy James                       SUP stock

32:05                        Steve Ruffoni                      SUP 14’

32:11                        John Bland                          SUP stock – MASTERS

32:25                        Rob Simonson                    SUP 14’

32:43                        Ocean Bates                        PRONE 14’ – YOUTH

32:52                        Skip Robinson                     SUP 14’ – MASTERS

33:13                        Jill Johnson                         SUP stock

33:16                        Terry Tracy                           SUP 14’ – MASTERS

33:17                        Michelle Haase                    SUP stock

33:46                        Dorothy Horn                       SUP stock

34:10                        Alia Long                             SUP stock – MASTERS

34:19                        Terri Wargo                          SUP 14’

35:00                        Rich D’Souza                      SUP 14’

36:03                        Laura McCoy                      SUP stock

37:00                        Alex Merrill                          SUP 14’

37:25                        Chris Forrest                       SUP stock

37:31                        Bill Uniack                           PRONE stock

37:52                        Steve Beltuni                      SUP 14’ – MASTERS

38:00                        Jason Arndt                        SUP stock

38:15                        Cory Jenkins                      PRONE unlimited

38:30                        Quincy Lee                         SUP stock

38:50                        Mickey Munoz

38:55                        Peter Wells                         PRONE 14’

39:12                        ?

39:30                        MJ Kennedy                      SUP stock

39:52                                    ?

40:00                        Chris Barrios                      PRONE 14’

40:18                        Pam Sousa                        SUP stock

40:45                        Julia Aranda                       SUP stock

40:50                        Saeed Nafisi                       PRONE 14’ – MASTERS

41:00                        Jennifer Lakos                    SUP stock

41:54                        Patrick & Forest Bates        SUP 14’

42:57                        Irwin Nardo                         SUP stock

42:57                        Erwin Galicinao                   SUP stock

43:15                        Larry Toomey                      PRONE stock – MASTERS

43:25                        Kylie Lakos                          SUP stock – YOUTH

43:43                        Farhad Zarif                         PRONE stock

44:15                        Channing Parrios                 PRONE stock

44:15                        Makena Shlens                    PRONE stock – YOUTH

44:30                        Steve Shlens                        PRONE stock

45:05                        Mark Redmayne                  PRONE 14’

48:38                        Ryan Glotfelty                     SUP stock

49:00                        Jade Howson                     YOUTH

49:00                        Teva Fourcade

1hr 10                        Canyon Bates                    PRONE stock – YOUTH

1hr 10                        Amy Watson                      SUP stock

Ryan Glotfelty                              SUP stock  39:12??

Paul Estrada                                SUP stock  39:12??

Tai Diggins                                   SUP stock – YOUTH

LONG COURSE – 5.6 miles  (73 racers)

By Time:

48:00                        Thomas Maximus                 SUP unlimited

49:30                        “Max”                                    PRONE unlimited

49:50                        Canon Smith                        PRONE unlimited

51:08                        Bryan Murphy                      SUP 14’

51:11                        Brendan Light                      SUP 14’

51:11                        Matt Becker                        SUP stock

51:20                        Shaun Evola                        SUP unlimited

51:33                        Belar Diaz                            SUP 14’

51:35                        Paul Reusch                        PRONE unlimited

51:55                        Lance Erickson                    SUP unlimited – MASTERS

55:10                        Brian Bennett                       SUP unlimited

55:14                        Phil Coffman                        SUP 14’

55:19                        Scott Rose                           SUP 14’

55:36                        Patrick O’Hea                       SUP 14’

55:39                        Casey Annis                         PRONE unlimited

55:50                        Jack Bark                            PRONE stock

56:10                        Mike Vaughan                     SUP unlimited

56:15                        Evan Hibbard                      SUP 14’ – YOUTH

57:05                        Gene Tarzan Smith             SUP stock

57:25                        Jordan Palmer                    SUP 14’

57:40                        Reno Caldwell                    PRONE 14’

57:50                        Eric Diggins                        SUP stock

58:10                        Gary Tomlin                        PRONE 14’ – MASTERS

58:28                        Griffin Ross                        SUP stock

58:45                        Kyle Kushner                      SUP stock

58:52                        Lawrence Johnson            SUP stock

59:12                        Joe Bark                             PRONE unlimited – MASTERS

59:35                        Bill McGrath                       SUP stock

59:44                        Wade Williford                    SUP 14’

59:54                        Alison Riddle                      SUP stock

59:55                        Mark Schulbach                 PRONE unlimited

1:00:35            John Bates                                 PRONE 14’

1:00:36            Terry Plunket                              SUP stock

1:00:43            John Linnborm                          PRONE 14’

1:01:03            Mark William                             SUP 14’ – MASTERS

1:02:00            Jill Vickery                                SUP stock

1:02:05            James Ryan                             SUP 14’ – MASTERS

1:02:08            Phil Ambrose                           SUP 14’

1:02:25            Larry Vickery                           SUP stock – MASTERS

1:02:55            Bill Kindel                               PRONE unlimited – MASTERS

1:02:55            Francziska Steagall                PRONE unlimited

1:03:08            Jeff Petty                               PRONE 14’

1:03:24            Kevin Bowdy                        PRONE stock

1:04:01            Sara M.                                SUP stock

1:04:05            Ron Witter                          PRONE unlimited – MASTERS

1:04:28            Kevan Juergens                  SUP stock

1:04:33            Ruth Parish                         PRONE unlimited

1:04:55            DJ O’Brien                          PRONE stock

1:05:30            Sam Bark                           PRONE stock – YOUTH

1:05: 58            Emily Polber                      SUP 14’

1:06:10            Jeff Eggleston                    SUP 14’

1:06:24            Chris Aguilar                      PRONE 14’

1:07:15            Gary Peterson                   SUP 14’ – MASTERS

1:07:30            Kristina Meill                     PRONE stock

1:08:05            John Tymczyszyn            PRONE 14’

1:08:45            Peggy Munoz                   SUP stock – MASTERS

1:09:12            Chris Anderson                SUP stock

1:09:15            JP Acevedo                        SUP stock

1:09:45            Matt Schweitzer                SUP stock

1:10:15            Brett Bennett                     SUP 14’ – YOUTH

1:10:25            Kyle Wormsbecker            SUP stock

1:10:34            Steve Radaich                   SUP 14’

1:10:45            Mark Rasmussen               PRONE unlimited – MASTERS

1:10:55            Craig Hibbard                    SUP 14’  MASTERS

1:13:05            Ryan Wormsbecker            SUP stock

1:13:50            Park Densmore                  PRONE unlimited – MASTERS

1:15:00            Ivette Temess                      PRONE stock – MASTERS

1:15:02            Brian Bradley                      SUP stock

1:17:30            Emily Bark                           PRONE stock – YOUTH

1:17:30            Gemma Bark                        PRONE stock

1:19:20            Jennifer Wessels                 PRONE stock

1:22:25            Amy Ehrenkranz                  SUP stock – MASTERS

1:23:33            Peggy Reilly                        SUP stock


(We had racers in 25 different divisions – not all divisions had 3 or more racers)


Men’s SUP STOCK – Long Course:

1.  Matt Becker                        51:11

2. Gene Tarzan Smith             57:05  MASTERS

3. Eric Diggins                        57:50

Women’s SUP STOCK – Long Course:

1.  Alison Riddle                        59:54

2.  Terry Plunket                        1:00:36

3.  Jill Vickery                            1:02:00

Men’s SUP STOCK – Short Course:

1.  Justin Wiles                        28:30

2.  Ian Light                             29:54

3.  Danai Phongdara               30:40 MASTERS

Women’s SUP STOCK – Short Course

1.  Kristen Thomas                30:53 MASTERS

2.  Shelby Schweitzer            31:46

3.  Jill Johnson                       33:13

Men’s SUP 14’ – Long Course:

1.  Bryan Murphy                        51:08

2.  Brendon Light                        51:11

3.  Belar Diaz                               51:33

Women’s SUP 14’ – Long Course:

1.  Emily Polber                        1:05:58

Men’s SUP 14’ – Short Course:

1.  Peter Lakos                        29:01

2.  John Kostich                        29:30

3.  Trevor Lakos                        29:42  YOUTH

Women’s SUP 14’ – Short Course:

1.  Terri Wargo                         34:19

Men’s SUP Unlimited – Long Course:

1.  Thomas Maximus                48:00

2.  Shaun Evola                        51:20

3.  Lance Erickson                    51:55  MASTERS


Men’s PRONE stock – Long Course:

1.  Jack Bark                              55:50

2.  Kevin Bowdy                        1:03:24

3.  Sam Bark                               1:05:30  YOUTH

Women’s PRONE stock – Long Course:

1.  DJ Obrien                            1:04:55

2.  Kristina Meill                        1:07:30

3.  Ivette Temess                        1:15:00  MASTERS

Men’s PRONE stock – Short Course:

1.  Bill Uniack                            37:31

2.  Larry Toomey                        43:15  MASTERS

3.  Farhad Zarif                          43:43

Women’s PRONE stock – Short Course:

1.  Makena Shlens                          44:15  YOUTH

1. Channing Parrios                        44:15

Men’s PRONE 14’ – Long Course:

1.  Reno Caldwell                        57:40

2.  Gary Tomlin                           58:10  MASTERS

3.  John Bates                           1:00:35

Men’s PRONE 14’ – Short Course:

1.  Ocean Bates                        32:43  YOUTH

2.  Peter Wells                          38:55

3.  Chris Barrios                        40:00

Men’s PRONE unlimited – Long Course:

1. “MAX”                                     49:30

2.  Canon Smith                          49:50

3.  Paul Reusch                          51:35

Women’s PRONE unlimited – Long Course:

1.  Francziska Steagall              1:02:55

2.  Ruth Parish                          1:04:33


LONG COURSE: Evan Hibbard – SUP 14’ – 56:15

SHORT COURSE: Trevor Lakos – SUP 14’ – 29:42


LONG COURSE: Sam Bark – stock – 1:05:30

SHORT COURSE: Ocean Bates – 14’ – 32:43


LONG COURSE: Lance Erickson – unlimited – 51:55

SHORT COURSE: Steve Kostich – 14’ – 30:15


LONG COURSE: Gary Tomlin – 14’ – 58:10

SHORT COURSE: Saeed Nafisi – 14’ – 40:50

**sorry for any spelling errors or mistakes, we did our best.  Anyone interested in helping us next year with the race and results please e-mail us at we want to continue to run a fun race and keep all you racers happy.  It is so fun for us to have elite paddlers come out with weekend warriors and just to see everyone enjoy the sport of paddling, while raising money for a great cause!

Without the help of volunteers, it’s virtually impossible to pull off our beloved ADLER PADDLER.   Some of our tried and true relentless volunteers from the past two years have had schedule conflicts this year which is great for YOU!!!  Now you get a chance to help make this event possible!  Below is a list of specific jobs, please e-mail us back at INFO@PADDLEWITHPURPOSE.ORG and let us know which job you think you would be fantastic at!!!!


-Set-up 6:30 – 7:30am

-Registration of participants (at least 3 people needed by 7:45am), waiver & numbers (we need just ONE more person here)

-Raffle ticket sales (at least 1 person needed by 7:45am – continue until Raffle time)

-T-shirt sales (at least 2 people needed by 7:45am, will need 2 more to help out from 8:30 on)

-Board Rental (at least 2 people needed by 7:45am), collect info, license, and link them to a board and paddle

-Teardown (whomever can stay until approx. 12pm)

– Board Handlers 3-4 (to grab racers’ boards and move them to the side at the finish line – willing to get wet/ This is a great job for high school boys/girls)

-Raffle assistants (anyone available from 10am-11am)

-Assistants to the Race Officials (anyone available from 9am-10am)

Founded in 2010 by professional surfer Jodie Nelson, Paddle With Purpose, as of 2013, is officially a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization created to serve as a philanthropic extension of the sport of Stand Up Paddling. Grounded on the premise that empowerment motivates and inspires, PWP exists to raise awareness and funds for a variety of causes and movements. With over $150K raised through organized races, community events and an integral presence the action sports industry, PWP has been proven a successful and credible agent for action and change.

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